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Victor Poulton

A wonderful husband. An excellent father. A gentleman. A great man. Served his country and his family with distinction. He will be greatly missed.

Victor's story

Holding himself to the highest values and standards, Vic was a perfect gentleman. Serving in the armed forces for 22 years and instrumental in the first Gulf War, earning a commendation from the Commander In Chief, seeing service in Northern Ireland and The Falklands but ultimately fighting a battle that he could not win. He worked tirelessly even after retirement until succumbing to health issues. Always in his family’s hearts - anyone that knew him will remember him fondly.

Remembered by Judy Poulton

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Victor Poulton's Tributes

  • In memory of Vic - and gratitude to the Warwickshire & Northamptonshire Air Ambulance Service for all that they do.
    Donated by Judy Poulton

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