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Tomasz Tomala

Tom was just 45 years old when he suddenly passed away on Sunday, 6th of March at his home. He was born in Poland and 17 years ago he chose England as a place where he wanted to raise his family and grow professionally.


Tomasz's story

Tom loved being with people but most of all he cherished time spent with his family, wife Goska, daughter Weronika and son Milosz. Tom was the most loving husband and father. No-one ever questioned if he loved or cared for his wife and kids, because Tom made it so obvious. Tom was a man who didn’t have a mean bone in his body, a warm friendly man who made his mark in the world not with grand gestures or fancy titles, but by the basic goodness and generosity of his character. There were many wonderful aspects to Tom’s life, and many ways that he touched our lives. He will be remembered as a wonderful husband, father, a great brother, and son. In all these ways and more, he made our lives richer and fuller. Now that he has passed away, of course there is emptiness and pain, confusion and maybe even anger at death coming to a man of only 45 years, but in many ways, the gift of Tom’s life is still here with us. He lives on in our memories and stories, and in what all of us have become because of him. So I encourage you to share –today, tomorrow and in the years to come- your memories and stories, and to share the pain of your loss as well. In this way we will keep the gift of Tom’s life alive.

Remembered by Malgorzata Tomala

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