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In Memory of

Rita Barfield

In memory of Rita Barfield


Rita's story

2nd March 1931 - 22nd September 2023

Remembered by Carol Mason

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Rita Barfield's Tributes

  • To Mum, Grandma, Granny Rita, Happy heavenly birthday, Love, always, from Kevin, Lesley, Adam and Oscar xxx
    Donated by Lesley Barfield
  • In our thoughts always From Robert and Karen
    Donated by Eric Jordan
  • From Nina
    Donated by Eric R Jordan
  • From Karen, Net & Robert
    Donated by Robert Jordan
  • To mum and dad gone but never forgotten love Kevin lesley Adam & Oscar xxxx
    Donated by Lesley Barfield
  • Funeral donations in memory of Rita Barfield
    Donated by Carol Mason

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