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Kathleen Atkinson

Kathleen was a passionate arty music lover. She gave regularly to the air ambulance but was fortunate never to need it’s services. Wife to Tom, mother to three girls and grand and great grandmother, she will be sorely missed.

Kathleen's story

Born just before the war Kathleen lived with her family near Leeds in Yorkshire. The family supported the war effort by billeting Polish soldiers on their leave. Kathleen’s father Harry was in the Royal Engineers, meaning the family moved to Germany to help rebuild the infrastructure post war. Kathleen met Tom through the golf club where her father played. With Tom a musician they moved to Manchester when Tom worked for the BBC. They had three daughters and lived in Hazel Grove for many years until finally moving to the Peak District near Buxton. Kathleen loved music in particular Jazz and classical music. She loved to dance around the kitchen glass of wine in hand to Cleo Laine or Dave Brubeck. Kathleen also loved art and joined the Whaley Bridge Art Group. She left a legacy of paintings and drawings which her family will proudly display in their homes. She also was a member of the Sparrowpit WI and enjoyed many an evening talk, craft session or day trip out with her WI friends. A lover of crafts she also became involved in the intricate art of well dressing. From her early years of farming with the woman's land army Kathleen loved pigs and collected many and was gifted quite a few. She also sketched them. The pigs have been distributed through the family in loving memory and will help to create a smile and a bond between her children grand and great grandchildren for years to come.

Remembered by Julia Rollinson

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