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Mohan Patel

A dutiful caring father, husband, brother and uncle.


Mohan's story

To me, Dad was an example of sacrifice and duty. Whether it was looking after my grandparents, my mum, Gita and me, or taking over the dry cleaners and ultimately closing it to better look after everyone. He did this without any expectations. I was glad that in recent years he was able to do more of what he wanted - and for that, I have Manisha to thank. He was so supportive, keeping an open mind in whichever direction I chose. Whether that was learning to play guitar, picking subjects I preferred for my studies, or moving to London from home for work. He shared wisdom and advice, but allowed me to make my own decisions in life, for which I am eternally grateful. Dad was always in pursuit of knowledge and educating himself, studying any topics that took his interest – it was always fun to know what new yoga practice or subjects he had learnt while I was away. That also meant he pushed me to learn more, whether it was music, swimming or Maths and English tuition. He was welcoming and generous, and would give away or lend cameras, books and instruments if you showed an interest in any of his hobbies. I also remember how selfless he was in not just taking me but also Prash and other cousins with us to different trips and holidays when I was younger. He loved photography, thanks to a camera he was given by Narendra mama. Thanks to Dad, we now have lots of memories captured at home, Bradgate Park (one of his favourite places to walk) and in India, plus lots of photos of me being grumpy when other models were not available. I think our family has been blessed with music. My Dad first got me interested at an early age when he took me to Tabla classes. I did not last too long, but seeing him continue to play and listen to all kinds of music kept me interested and allowed me to find how I wanted to participate in music. We were able to share the music we liked with each other, as he has with other family members and friends, including his bhajan group. I hope you enjoyed the music we have had today, as they all represent songs he liked and shared with us.

Remembered by Arjun Patel

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