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Grahame Elson

Grahame Elson, 42 yrs old. Held the position of Store manager at various supermarkets throughout his working life.

Grahame's story

Grahame was a much cherished son who sadly passed away on March 21st 2019 after suffering a PE/heart attack. The crew on that particular day fought long and hard to save him but it was not to be. He was six weeks away from marrying the love of his life, Shaun. They’d been together 20 years, visited 65 countries with 8 more planned. Both my children have needed your assistance. Cheryl was critically injured in a rtc on October 2nd 2012. Thanks to Carl Bexon and the rest of the AA team she lived to tell the tale. We will be forever in your debt and thanks doesn’t quite cover how grateful we are for the amazing job every single one of you do with dedication and care.

Remembered by Margaret Elson, Grahame was a gentle giant of a man and a great source of strength to his family. At his funeral over a 100 former workmates came to show their respects to a man each and everyone spoke highly of. Grahame, a man who never spoke a bad or cross word about anyone.

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