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Angie Arnold

Mum was a big supporter of the work the Air Ambulance do.


Angie's story

Like grandma and grandad (Audrey & Norman), mum had a huge respect for the Air Ambulance and always donated as her mum and dad did before her. As with their passing, we’re honouring what she would have wanted and are asking for donations in lieu of flowers please.

Remembered by Kirstie Looms, Daughter

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Angie Arnold's Tributes

  • £200.00
    Donated by Carol Temple
  • I first met Angie around 10 years ago when she came to visit her parents at Philip Docker Court and what a character she was. She never minced her words and if she had something to say she would, but underneath it all she had a heart of gold, she was thoughtful of those less fortunate than herself, kind and generous. But your wouldn't want to fall out with her, not that people did she was well liked by all at Philip Docker.
    Donated by Carol Temple
  • Xxxx lots of love
    Donated by Lauren Newman
  • Rest in peace, lovely Angie. Thinking of you both and sending lots of love, Kirstie and Kimberley xxx
    Donated by Alice Burgess
  • What happy stories I’ve heard of the legendary Angie. And thank you Angie for creating such an awesome daughter. With my love and thoughts to all the family. Emma, WAUzer
    Donated by Emma Sadler
  • £20.00
    Donated by Rachael Daly
  • When I was at uni in Leicester, I used to visit Uncle Norman & Auntie Audrey, I hadn’t seen them all that often with living up in the North East, it was so lovely to have family nearby. Angie would often pop round on the days I went to see them. She showed me around the area they lived, I loved listening to her stories. The visits continued in the years after uni when we were down that way or heading down to London, and a fuss was always made of Kofi. I always left having laughed a LOT with them all, been fed plenty, usually having had daytime gin for “medicinal purposes” and with a fuzzy feeling in my heart - very happy memories ❤️
    Donated by Rachel Reay
  • Thinking of you all. Lynsey & Ben xx
    Donated by Lynsey Mackenzie
  • When I first met Angie it was like I was meeting an old friend,I knew immediately we would get on. She had no airs or graces she was just warm. I remember when she was first I'll and unable to talk I teased her that she couldn't swear at me, how wrong I was because she did. Rarely in life do you come across a person like Angie, But I'm privileged to say I did and what a woman she was Good night god bless my friend love Margaret.xxx
    Donated by Margaret Lucid

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