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We’ve Teamed Up with Your Big Day

We’re excited to announce that we’ve partnered with Your Big Day, a video card specialist who tailors’ greetings that focus on a key moment in history. Whether it’s a birthday, an anniversary or another special occasion, you can now choose to send a card that also supports one of our amazing services.

We have teamed up with Your Big Day for those who want to send a virtual video to loved ones that commemorate their day with insights into other historical facts including key moments, popular culture and sporting events that you may never knew happened on the same day. They’ll also be able to find out who you share their special day with and so many other interesting facts all within the 5-7-minute video.

So how does this support The Air Ambulance Service? There are two codes that can be used when purchasing your cards which allows £6+vat of the proceeds to go to your Local Air Ambulance or Children’s Air Ambulance. This will help go towards our life saving missions and keep us flying.


How to shop:

  1. Simply visit the page of the service you want to support;

Your Local Air Ambulance

Children’s Air Ambulance

  1. Choose the date you wish to have the card for e.g 01 January 2009, and simply preview the video.
  2. Complete the message you’d like in your card
  3. Fill out details of yourself and the recipient
  4. Complete delivery date and review order
  5. Upon payment, add in the relevant code: AirAmb or Childrens

It’s really that simple! A thoughtful gift and donation to help support our cause, all in one transaction.