We’ve Been Shortlisted! Awards Season is Here for Our Reuse Team

As a charity, we work hard to add strings to our bow, one of which is our efforts to raise awareness and showcase the opportunities for the reuse of certain items, including I.T Equipment.Following our team’s hard work and dedication to reuse, we’re so proud to have recently been shortlisted for two national awards with winners being announced in May and June;The National Recycling Awards: We are amongst others within the Waste Reduction Award – Public/Third Sector category for our Asset erasure and Reuse of I.T. equipment.The Reuse Network AwardInnovative Project of the Year award.What Have We Done for Waste Reduction?Data wiping and Asset Management is necessary but what does this involve? Let’s be clear, we don’t just mean the few old laptops that have been gathering dust in the corner of an office for the last few years or the mobile phone that’s been upgraded; we mean reuse on a much larger scale, for businesses and organisations that look to refresh their equipment more regularly.What happens to perfectly workable computers that are no longer needed by a company? Well, these can often go to landfill, which we all know is having a huge impact on the environment. What we provide is a service where sensitive information is securely and professionally wiped so they can be resold and enjoyed by others.How Do We Do this?The process is relatively simple;n The equipment that is put forward for reuse is collected by our own, in-house driver, issuing you with a statement of works and Environment agency consignment note as a receipt of donation, reassuring you that we have the correct waste transfer permits in place.n Using a software called Blancco, we cleanse any machine to 22 industry standards. This is not only the most thorough data wiping software, but also a speedy way to complete the erasure process for multiple machines. If we are unable to erase the data we are able to destroy the hard drive and provide a certificate of destruction so that you can be totally assured that your data is in safe hands.n Once completed, we provide a certificate  to prove all the data has been removed and the equipment is fit for reuse, this is for your audit purposes so you are able to meet your GDPR requirements and to allow you to prove that you have disposed of data securely.We’re proud of what we’ve achieved to date and the awards we’ve been shortlisted for are the icing on the cake.n nn