Wear your Wellies for our Helis

Help keep our helicopter flying

When you’re fighting for your life, every second counts. For us, this makes every mission critical. That’s where you come in.

Every day of the year, your local air ambulance is helping save lives. Our critical care paramedics, trauma doctors and pilots fly an average of six rescue missions a day – from medical emergencies, to road traffic collisions, to sports injuries, to industrial accidents. Our rapid response gives people the very best chance of survival and recovery.

But we couldn’t do this without people like you. We rely entirely on donations to raise the £1,700 we need to fund each rescue mission. Thank you.

We’re kicking off our Wellies for Helis campaign by asking you to join in and help keep our helicopters flying and saving lives everyday. We want you to pull on your wellies and show them off for your local air ambulance.

Wear your Wellies with Pride

Do your bit to help keep your local air ambulance flying and join our gallery of wellie wearing supporters online.

  1. Strike a pose in your wellies
  2. Share using #wellies
  3. Send your text to make your £5 donation. Text HELI to 70800 to give £5* and help save lives.

*Texts costs £5 plus standard rate text message charge. The charity will receive 100% of the donation. Please ensure you have the bill payer’s permission.

Wellie circle

Wear your wellies to work

W hether your wellies are bright and colourful or green and practical, we’re asking you to wear them to work and raise some cash for your local air ambulance.

E stablish a date for everyone to wear their wellies for a suggested donation of £2. Remember to check with your boss first.

L et everyone know about your wellies at work day – send an email, use posters and get a couple of champions on board to help you ensure everyone knows what to do in the run-up to the day.

L et people know that their support will help save lives across the country.

I nstruct everyone to wash their wellies – you don’t want to fall out with your cleaners!

E nsure someone collects donations for taking part on the day, then counts up and banks your wellie wonga with us, using the form overleaf.

Wellie Walk

Wellie walk

Put your best wellie forward and hold a sponsored walk.

Fill your boots

A wellie makes a great collection tin. Challenge everyone to fill one up with their loose change.

Wellie wang

Compete to see who can throw their wellies the furthest.

Wellie shy?

If wellies aren’t your thing but you’d still like to help keep our helicopter flying, you can simply text HELI1 to 70800 to donate £5.*

Our helicopter can fly at speeds of up to 185mph – meaning that distances can be travelled about four times faster than by road.

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