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RIP 10th July 2018 Those we love don't go away, They walk beside us every day. Unseen, unheard, but always near. Still loved, still missed and very dear.


Trevor's story

In March 1932, in Dewsbury, Alice May and Joseph Eric celebrated the birth of their son Eric Trevor; Trevor had a brother Geoff; however there was a 15 year age gap, so they were not playmates in the traditional sense. Trevor was seven when Britain would declare war on Germany and his father Joseph would serve in Burma. Upon leaving school at 14 years old, Trevor was successful in attaining an apprenticeship at the Gas Board; he worked hard and studied well, Trevor enjoyed work, he was diligent, responsible, conscientious and reliable, the Gas Board were lucky when they appointed Trevor, he was an exemplary employee. Trevor met Joan at the local youth club, Trevor was playing the accordion as part of a band, he was brilliant at the accordion and the instrument would give him a lot of pleasure over the years and it was the accordion that was instrumental in this significant meeting, this meeting marked the beginning of Trevor and Joan’s courting days. Eventually they knew they wanted to be married, but the couple had to wait as Trevor was called upon to complete his national service. Trevor chose to serve in the RAF, his love of aeroplanes and flying, made this decision easy and he would be stationed in Wiltshire, Trevor would be trained and he would become a specialist radar operator. During this time Joan and Trevor became avid letter writers and their romance stood the test of separation. Trevor and Joan declared their commitment for each other and exchanged their vows, in a traditional wedding ceremony held at Mirfield Parish Church, West Yorkshire; wedding photographs show a radiant and beautiful bride and a proud and handsome groom, Mr and Mrs Sykes honeymooned in the Isle of Man arriving in style by plane and they start their married life in a one roomed cottage, costing ½ a crown a week. One aspect of working for the gas board, which would constantly affect married life, was the need for Trevor to live near the job, this meant many moves during Trevor’s working life, and the first of those moves was to Penrith. Joan loved this move, they went from a one roomed cottage to a four bed-roomed gas board house, they had nowhere near enough furniture, however the extra room gave their families an opportunity for holidays, Joan enjoyed the Penrith years; they were good to them both, and the icing on the cake was the birth of Michael followed a few years later with Karen's arrival. Trevor was a great dad and a great role model. The early 60s took them to Middlesbrough, and another huge house that allowed the children plenty of space to play. In 1967 the family relocate to Amber Valley and Trevor was given the huge responsibility of the commissioning of the Ambergate Gas Works, this was hard work and entailed Trevor working shifts, however it was the pinnacle of his career, Ambergate Gas Works was in use longer than expected and it was Trevor’s privilege to decommission the works in 1975, this was very unusual for one man to commission and decommission. 1975 and the family moved to Leicester for Trevor to take his new post at Grid Control, however the children are now adults and Karen would remain in Belper and Michael had already flown the nest. When Trevor took retirement in 1992, Trevor and Joan would retire in Belper, to be nearer to Karen. In Trevor’s spare time he would continue to play the accordion and he was a regular at line dances, the family had many a good night at Barn dances, participating as their father was entertaining, Trevor would latterly play the organ to a very good standard and became a member of Belper Organ Club. Family holidays were often at Blackpool or around the UK camping, however Trevor and Joan were later bitten by the cruising bug and they have completed several cruises and become extensively travelled. Trevor continued his passion for flying and he would get an opportunity to fly a light aircraft and he thoroughly enjoyed the experience, he had flying lessons when at Leicester and Trevor was a member of the gliding club when the family lived in Middlesbrough. He also enjoyed motorsport, attending Silverstone and following the grand prix for many years Dogs were an important part of the family, their first dog arrived by train in a cardboard box, sent by family in Yorkshire, it was a gift for Michael’s first birthday and the Dog was named after the sender Nell. Some years later Karen wanted an Afghan hound and in secret Trevor and Joan went to see one, its living conditions upset them so much they brought her straight home to join the family. Joan would go on to foster dogs, while new owners were found for them, she was never keen on Alsations, however Rosco changed her mind and he was the one who stayed. Karen will always be grateful to her parents as it is thanks to them she was allowed to develop her love of animals. Trevor, proud, caring, he was always one to put the needs of others before his own, a meticulously organised man, a wonderful father; Trevor taught Michael and Karen to realise solid principles, morals and values, he taught them by role model respect, independence and self-pride. He gave his children a deeply trusted anchor that has given them resounding strength and fortitude, this love has protected and cared for each of them, through their individual journeys through life. Memories of bed time stories, learning to ride a bike, or learning to swim are treasured memories indeed Trevor was incredibly generous and kind, he was a lovely husband and Joan knows “She couldn’t have picked a better one”, they have had a tremendous partnership, one which has stood the test of time, a wonderful 65 years of marriage. For 69years they have operated as one, For 69 years they have tackled all life’s challenges together, For 69 years they have celebrated together For 69 years they have loved, laughed and cried as one. Trevor will always bring inspiring words and affection, along with the reassurance that his company is merely a peaceful moment away, Trevor’s love was simply unconditional Eulogy by Rachael Snowball

Remembered by Karen Sykes, Daughter

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