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Michael Hugh Ingram

Michael passed away on 7th December 2017 at Good Hope Hospital. He was a real character in the full sense of the word and had a twinkle in his eye, a ready smile on his lips and he kept everyone laughing

Michael's story

Michael was born on 15th November in 1937. He was the smallest twin, my Mum was the biggest twin but both were tiny babies and not expected to live very long and so were baptised at home in a pudding basin ! Despite everything Michael and Sheila survived and thrived. They had a wonderful childhood, being brought up and nurtured on a farm in fresh air and with a plentiful supply of freshly caught food. Many summer holidays were spent in Cornwall with their Mums sister Ada and cousin John Mick. Michael always loved the West Country. He was a clever child, always in the top set at school with his twin sister but would rather go off to the farm sales with his Dad rather than do "book learning" as he called it. Michael loved cars and machinery. Over the years he had many classics and he was always saying "I wish I'd have kept that car or this car" He would have needed a massive warehouse to store them all in. Kind and generous and full of fun, Michael was always ready with a story to make you laugh. We as a family are donating to the Air ambulance in memory of Michael, it was his wish for donations to that great service which have saved so many lives. Rest in Peace Michael

Remembered by Davina Ridley

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Michael Hugh Ingram's Tributes

  • Donated by Sheila Frank, Richard and Heather, John Mick and Pearl, Steve and Davina and Alan and Mavis. Always in our thoughts. Rest In Peace xx
    Donated by Davina Ridley

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