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Katy Elizabeth Reading

Caring, loving, clever and glamorous- our Angel Katy


Katy's story

In just 28 years, Katy touched the lives of a great many people. Her caring nature attracted people to her like a magnet and her smile was simply infectious. Katy was born on April 14th 1990 and grew up in Nuneaton with loving parents Marcus and Corinne and Sisters Charlotte and Georgina. Her childhood was filled with; dressing up, barbies, family days out, trips to the seaside and joyous laughter. Ever the hard worker, Katy completed her degree in Events Management at Bournemouth University and went on to succeed in this industry working for both British Athletics in Birmingham and Nottingham University. Katy loved shopping, always stylish with her fashion and beautiful blonde hair and makeup. Many an evening was spent perfecting false eyelashes and curling her long hair. Although Kate was a terrible shopper, traipsing around lots of shops only to return to purchase the very first dress in the first shop- she just had to see the other options available. It's no surprise that Dad had to purchase a few dresses for her school prom to allow her to make the decision on the day. Kate's caring nature was expressed through her thoughtful tokens; a keyring, marble or throat lozenge just to let you know she was always thinking of you. She loved buying gifts, unwrapping them at Christmas or on your Birthday made you understand how well she really knew you and how much effort she would put into making you feel special. Animals were adored by Kate, especially her guinea pig Pebbles. She would dress him up, walk him around the garden in a dolls push chair and even insisted he went on the family holiday. Kate's personality allowed her to not take life too seriously and she loved a good party. Whether it was a family gathering or a girls night out, she was always excited. For Kate this consisted of; finding the perfect outfit, hours of getting ready including the self-tan session, pre-party drinks with games and the big night out. She loved to be the host and we all have fun memories of staying at hers when exploring the night life in her favourite City- Nottingham. Going on holiday was something Kate enjoyed with loved ones, she traveled many places including; the Canaries, Ibiza, Spain, France, Croatia and New York. Relaxing in the sunshine in her new bikini was her aim. An independent, strong character clearly loved by many. The memories of Katy will always be locked in our heart and the void you have left in the future can only be surpassed by knowing you are happily resting until we all meet you again one day.

Remembered by Corinne Reading

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