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John Burgess

Mr. John Burgess was born on the 30th July 1938 in Gloucestershire. A precious gift to parents Edward and Elizabeth Burgess.


John's story

John spent his early and happy childhood growing up in Gloucestershire prior to returning to Coventry in 1945, after the war. Coventry is where John and Mo Burgess met. Whilst dancing to Elvis Presley and Bill Hayley at Alf and Ettie’s Dance School on The Holyhead Road. Mo informed John that she did not fall in love with him. It was his blue tie that she liked – as blue was her favourite colour. On the 29th July 1961 John and Mo, 22 and 19 respectfully, were married at The Parish Church of Saint Laurence’s (Old Church Road) Their first born son (Mark) was followed by a daughter Lynsey and latterly grand-daughter Lea. John worked at Peugeot Talbot for over 25 years, where he made a donation to the Air Ambulance Service (every month), throughout his entire career and even thereafter. The family requested that no flowers were sent to John’s funeral and alternatively requested donations to the Air Ambulance Service. John experienced a brain haemorrhage in 1985, consequently taking early retirement. Mo and John enjoyed holidays in the Pyrenees for many years. Only to return year after year to meet old and new friends. New friends were also made by John at the Tea and Talk Club which he attended every Monday. In which to participate in activities and outings. Outings that John especially enjoyed were going out to lunch with the Tea and Talk Club for a pub lunch. John was also an avid supporter of The Coventry Bees (a motorcycle speedway team), formerly based at Brandon near Coventry. His favourite speedway riders were Nigel Boocock and Ole Olson. As time went by John especially enjoyed reading his newspaper and watching television in the lounge, whilst sitting in his favourite chair by the window. Where it was a competition who would get the seat first, John or Snowdrop (the cat).

Remembered by Lynsey Burgess, Daughter

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John Burgess's Tributes

  • Dear Dad "Merry Christmas" for 2023. Sorry that this donation is a little bit late, could not get computer to work. We all came to see you on Christmas Day and I even tucked a Ferrero Rocher chocolate in between your Christmas wreath. sshh do not tell any one!!! I sincerely miss you with all my heart Dad and life on earth is not the same without you. I will love you now and for always as will Mum and Mark. God bless you Dad. Lots of love Lynsey xxx
    Donated by LYNSEY BURGESS
  • Dear Dad. Well today is your birthday and I just wanted to wish you "happy birthday" for Sunday 30th July 2023. Can you believe that you are 85 years old today (but we will pretend that you are only 58 years old). Yesterday was Saturday 29th July 2023 and it was your wedding anniversary. Mum and myself worked it out and you have both been married for 62 years. Please do not worry Dad I bought Mum a card, a bouquet of flowers and a box of chocolates from you. Sincerely hope that is OK? Miss you every day Dad and I sincerely love you with all of my heart. Lots of love Lynsey xxx
    Donated by LYNSEY BURGESS
  • Dear Dad "Happy Father's Day" for Sunday 18th June 2023. Life is horrible without you. I miss you every day. Mum and myself have bought you Father's Day cards, After Eight chocolates and Ferrero Roche chocolates. Do not worry Mum will help you to eat them. So sorry we did not visit you at the cemetery today - is has been thundering and lightning here!!!
    Donated by LYNSEY BURGESS
  • Dear Dad. Merry Christmas for Sunday 25th December 2022. Please do not think that I have forgotten you, as I did make a donation and left a message on Christmas day. Just had a look for it but it was not there. We took a Christmas wreath to your grave on Christmas day and Mum and myself put a Ferrero Rocher on your grave for you. Sincerely hope this makes you smile in heaven. Miss you every day. Lots of love Lynsey xxx
    Donated by LYNSEY BURGESS
  • Hello Dad. Just wanted to wish you "Happy Birthday" for Saturday 30th July 2022. Well Dad you will be 84 years old today, but I know what you are like and we will pretend that you are really 48 years old. Hope you did not forget your wedding anniversary yesterday? You and Mum have been married for 61 years. Bought Mum flowers and a card from you (photocopied your signature from an old card). For your birthday I bought you a card and your favourite chocolates. I am sure Mum won't mind eating them on your behalf. Home is not the same without you Dad and I miss you with all my heart. God bless Dad and I love you xxx
    Donated by LYNSEY BURGESS
  • "Happy Father's Day " for Sunday 19th June 2022 Dad. We all miss you so much and sincerely wish that you were here. Hope you do not mind but I received an e-mail from the Belgrade Theatre and bought you and Mum a plague on 2 seats where you and Mum always sat. Your plague says "sharing magical moments together" and Mum's plague says "sharing happy times together." Hope this makes you smile in heaven. Lynsey xxx
    Donated by LYNSEY BURGESS
  • Dear Dad. I did not want you to think that we had forgotten you. I made a donation and left a message on Christmas Day, but could not find it today (sorry). We set a place for you at the dining table on Christmas Day and remembered you too. I brought Mum some red roses, Ferrero Rocher chocolates and a card on the 14/02/2022 and said they were from you. Sincerely hope that is alright? Miss you lots and home is not the same without you. Lots of love Lynsey xxx
    Donated by LYNSEY BURGESS
  • Dear Dad. Happy birthday for Friday 30th July 2021". Today you are 82 years old but we will pretend that you are only 28 years old and turn the numbers around just like Mum and you always do. The house is so quiet without you. I miss you with all my heart. Lots of love Lynsey xxx"
    Donated by LYNSEY BURGESS
  • Dear Dad. I miss you every day but especially today as it is Father's Day (20/06/2021). I hope you have found your Mum and Dad in heaven and not got lost. I ask God every day to take you under his wing and keep you safe, warm and happy. All my love Lynsey xxx
    Donated by LYNSEY BURGESS
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    Donated by Lynsey Burgess

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