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Our Story

We know that memories of our loved ones are precious and that sharing them is a gift we give.

That is why we want to help keep those memories flying. By joining us, creating a tribute page and sharing a memory your messages will be kept as flying sycamore seeds.

You will also be able to share your page with family and friends to create an on-going place for people to join together in memory of a loved one.

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The Sycamore

The story behind the sycamore seed

Generations of children have refered to the seeds as ‘helicopters’ as it is a fantastic description of the seeds as they fly, twist and drift in the wind. At your local air ambulance we are proud to wear the iconic sycamore seed to remember and celebrate the life of a loved one.

The Air Ambulance Service

Since 2003 our helicopters have been flying and saving lives in your local communities. We fly 365 days a year and with our helicopters flying an average of 6 missions a day we have now completed over 25,000 missions.

We cover an area of 3850 square miles that includes many of the UK’s major roads such as the M1, M6, M69 and M42.

Share a Memory

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Create your own tribute page and keep the memory of your loved one flying. Once you've created their page you can share it with your family and friends so they can leave their memories creating a lasting tribute.

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