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Visit Places by Book! Our Recommended Reads to Travel the World Whilst Staying at Home

Visit Places by Book! Our Recommended Reads to Travel the World Whilst Staying at Home

Whether it’s fantasy land, your local city or a dream location, books provide escapism like no other. In the current lockdown where social distancing is vital and self-isolation common, it is difficult to think of anywhere else to be other than your four walls.

Well, we’re here to let you know of some amazing places you can visit, right from your own home with some book recommendations that can take you to all four corners of the world and further!

Genre: Non Fiction
This non-fiction tale follows Bills journey through Britain before he heads back to the US after many years settled in Yorkshire. From familiar anecdotes with locals, to funny town names found throughout his journey, this is the perfect book for people wanting to drift away to the familiar.

Genre: Romance
The tale of a couple that unfolds by travelling back to their past lives and the impact that actions can have. For anyone wanting to travel across the globe from Canada to the US to Kenya, you can experience love travel and psychology all in one book.

Genre: Fiction
It’s Allan’s 100th birthday but as the title suggest, he climbs out of a window and disappears rather than face spending his birthday party at the retirement home. This story, set in Sweden, takes you all across the globe and is perfect for scratching that travel itch.

Genre: Short Story
If you want a shorter read, this is the perfect novel for you. Set in South Korea, the story follows a little hen who wants to get out of her coop and into the wild. Beautifully written and capturing a different take for a character, in a short tale is captures love, heartbreak and everything in between.

Genre: Young Adult, Fiction
Perfect for those wanting a story that shows not everything runs smoothly when it comes to family and friendship, especially as a teenager. Set in Singapore, this tale allows you to escape to a different place and time whilst reminiscing on your past.

Genre: Fantasy Fiction
If you’re wanting to escape entirely from normality then enjoy of the series of Philip Pullman . His Dark Materials books, starting with Northern Lights, will take you to faraway lands on an adventure with amazing creatures and character. If you enjoyed the recent BBC series then read where it started by going back to the books.

Genre: Spy Fiction
If you love a thriller then Crisis is our recommendation to action and adventure. Set between the UK and South America, this novel draws on the authors own experiences and is as fast-paced and exciting as we imagine Gardner’s time to be as a reporter.

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