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Top 10 Essentials for Students on a Budget

Top 10 Essentials for Students on a Budget

When it comes to student living, it’s important to know that you don’t have to spend a fortune to get the essentials needed to live and study at university. If you, or someone you know, is starting university then why not take a look at the top 10 essentials on getting essentials at a bargain.



With pen and paper out the window in favour of laptops and tablets, it can be costly to get equipped for video calls and online lectures. Good news is, there are charities such as ours that sell refurbished laptops and good-as-new tech, that can help keep costs down. Bought through online auction sites, you don’t need to get a brand-new laptop for hundreds of £’s.


One-Pot Cooking Pot

Forget posh Le Creuset, get down to your local charity shop to pick up some great pots and pans that are perfect for batch cooking. One way to keep on top of your budget is one-pot cooking and making multiple meals that can be frozen. Good cooking pots can cost a lot of money, but you can find some great bargain online and in store.



Whether it’s carrying books and equipment for lectures or taking on your food shop, a sturdy backpack is a huge must-have. Don’t worry about getting fancy branded names, just make sure it’s durable and comfortable to carry.


Portable Phone Charger

Phone batteries aren’t always the most reliable, especially if you’re needing to navigate a campus or new city. Invest in a portable charger to ensure you’re not left stranded or struggling to get in touch with anyone whilst out and about.


First Aid Kit

Accidents happen and we can often take for granted the fully stocked medicine cabinet at home when they do. It may not seem the coolest of items in your new dorm room, but a first aid kit can be a great asset when it comes to university life.


Dressing Gown

When it comes to comfort, nothing can beat pyjamas and a dressing gown, especially if you’re in shared halls. Invest in a snuggly dressing gown to ensure you have something to keep you warm during those impromptu fire drills and late nights finishing assignments.



Moving in can be a hassle, but one must-have is a getting a doorstop to make it easier to carry items from car to dorm. After you’re settled, use it to keep your door open for new friends to pop by and show you’re happy for people to come in and catch up, watch a film or discuss work.


Clothes Horse

Another item that’s needed is a clothes horse or airer as the last thing you need is to be laden with wet clothes and nowhere to dry them. You can get a small one to go over a radiator or a version that will allow you to dry all your clothes at once.


Coffee-on-the-go mug

Late nights and early morning means coffee may become a staple routine, so don’t forget your reusable mugs or bottles to get your drinks on the go. Keep it with you to reduce your plastic usage and bear in mind that many coffee shops give discounts on beverages bought in a resuable cup, win-win!


Ear plugs

If you’re used to your own room, space and noise levels then ear plugs will be your best friend when staying away at uni. Use them to plug in when working or get a good night undisturbed by night owls. There are some great ear plugs that are a far cry from the sponge ones, with many being comfortable to wear all night. Just don’t forget to set your phone alarm to vibrate so you don’t miss a lecture.

As well as the above, don’t forget to ensure you have all your basics such as cookware, clothes hangers, bedding and stationery. There are so many places you can get these at good prices, it doesn’t have to cost you a fortune to be prepared for your time at university.