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#TheCrew member Chloe is unstoppable!

Since last year, eight-year-old Chloe has been busy raising money for the Children’s Air Ambulance (TCAA) and has now been selected as a finalist for the Make a Difference – Community Award as well as Young Person of the Year, held by the Civic Mayor of Doncaster!

Chloe Hadley from Stainforth in Doncaster who is a member of #The Crew– a children’s club linked to TCAA – has been raising vital funds for the Children’s Air Ambulance by arranging numerous fundraising events; from a tombola at a local care home to a raffle at the local church.

The primary school influencer also arranged a special event at her school that saw pupils wear green for the day, in return for a donation to the lifesaving children’s charity.

To make the ‘Green Day’ the greatest success, Chloe demonstrated a great deal of courage by reaching out to a local circus skills expert and an animal handling business, convincing them to attend the event free of charge – she then sold raffle tickets to her fellow students, the prizes for which were places on the workshops.

Chloe also helped out at the opening of ‘The Hanger’, TCAA’s charity superstore which opened in Doncaster in October last year, another example of why she’s been selected as a finalist for the Community Award.

If that wasn’t enough, Chloe recently took part in the 2.6 challenge and completed a huge list of twenty-six home-based activities ranging from running on the spot through to gymnastic exercises, quizzes and completing maths problems.

Each individual activity was carried out 26 times or for 2.6 minutes and since Sunday 26 April, through sponsorship and donations, Chloe has raised over £600 from the 2.6 challenge for TCAA.

Her mum, Emily Maxfield, says that as part of #The Crew Chloe “helps to raise awareness and much-needed funds to keep the Children’s Air Ambulance flying and transporting critically ill babies and children to the specialist care they need.”

Chloe’s overall fundraising total currently stands at over £1,300, and she has even inspired family member, Kristian Smith, to join the #TheCrew and he’s already raised over £700!

Youth Development Manager for TCAA, Anoushka Brown, adds  “Chloe is a bright, enthusiastic, motivated and truly wonderful young lady who has gone above and beyond to raise awareness and funds to support the vital work of the Children’s Air Ambulance and improve the lives of critically ill babies and children in Doncaster and beyond.

“Her commitment to the Children’s Air Ambulance is unwavering and is truly inspirational and we believe she is a truly deserving finalist for both awards.”

If you’d like to support Chloe’s efforts, visit her JustGiving page here

To find out more about #TheCrew and how to become a member like Chloe – click here

The Children’s Air Ambulance are continuing to fly missions through this difficult period, providing vital support to the NHS and relying solely on donations, so they are appealing for your help to keep flying critically ill babies and children – click here to give any donation you can