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Thank You To RSK

A huge thank you to staff at RSK Coventry who have collected 70 bags of unwanted and preloved items for the local air ambulance charity.

Many employees at the engineering and environmental consultancy are working from home but they made a special journey to the Humber Road office to drop off their donations.

The collection was organised by Jenny Staley and Tina Geddes.

“We think it is unbelievable that the air ambulance still has to rely on charity and donations for its support as the work they do is so important and saves so many lives. Because of this we wanted to help in any way we could to keep the helicopters flying and keep everyone safe,” says Jenny.

With many people having lockdown clear outs the response to the initiative was, she adds, “better than we hoped for.”

A leaflet about making donations to the local air ambulance, delivered to Tina’s home in Coventry, prompted her and Jenny to organise the collection.

“We rang the number and asked for the bags to be collected from the office. The man who came to pick up the donations was absolutely delightful. It was so easy to arrange,” she says.