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Superhero Day Challenge 26th April - 2nd May 2021

Run, jog, bake or sing but whatever you do, become a superhero to help raise money for The Air Ambulance Service.

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Celebrate National Superhero Day with us on the 28th April by registering, for free, to take part in our ‘Superhero Challenge’. Become a superhero and help us raise money to keep our helicopters flying and our critical care cars running.

We are joining one of the many charities participating in with TFA Ltd who are attempting to beat the current world record of 1536 runners all taking part in a Virtual Run on National Superhero day, but we have extended this to include all sorts of activities that you can get sponsored for or do some fundraising.

Our event is free to join, but every penny you raise when you become part of our Team Mission could help us save a life.  After the event, and your monies have been paid in, you will receive a special thank you and a Team Mission certificate from us.

Ideas to Get Involved in National Superheroes Day

We want to encourage everyone to take part in our challenges which is why we want to share ideas on what you can do to help fundraise.

We are delighted to be partnering with the Children's Air Ambulance this year. The work their teams do is amazing, they are true superheroes serving in our communities Arun Sharma, TFA Ltd

Who are ‘Superheroes in the City’?

Superheroes in the City are organisers of 5km fun run events across the UK in major cities such as London, Leeds and Birmingham. Partnered with a number of charities, including The Air Ambulance Service, you can choose us to support as part of your fundraising efforts when taking part in any of their races.

With current events making things so uncertain, we’re encouraging you to take part in the virtual event where you can run your 5km from your home.

Why Get Involved?

Many of our patients, their families and our loyal supporters understand our crew are heroes, because of the amazing lifesaving work they do so we want to make superheroes from all of our supporters who help to help to keep us doing what we do every single day.

We think that national Superheroes day will be a great way for our supporters to have some fun with fundraising, either dressing up as a Superhero and doing the Virtual Run where you live. Whether it’s downloading a mask to sport during your challenge, or going the whole hog and donning an outfit from your favourite hero, the sky is the limit.

But the most important thing is that by taking part in this event, you’re raising the awareness of our charity as well as raising such vital funds to help us reach those who need us most.

What Support Will You Get From Us

Once you have registered and joined Team Mission, we’ll make sure you’re ready for your big day.  We  will be in touch with your link to the Team Just Giving Page and make sure you have a smooth fundraising experience from sign up to managing your sponsorship. Your local fundraising executive will also be on and to discuss fundraising plans, provide any collateral you’ll need and be there to spur you on during your Team Mission fundraising journey.

At the end of your event, you’ll receive a thank you letter and certificate to show our appreciation for all of your support and effort.

Lastly, thanks to TFA we’re able to provide a printable mask which you can decorate to suit your costume or go creative and design your own superhero.

Share Your Fundraising with Us

We’d love to see photos of your challenge or the costumes you’ve worn for the occasion. Tag us on social media or feel free to email in your photos to our team.

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Make a Difference

These events are not only fun, but are important to supporting those people who need us most. Noone ever expects to need our lifesaving services but the fact is, they do. The speed we can reach a patient and the critical care we provide on scene is the reason so many people are able to spend special moments with their loved ones.

Thank Yous

Thank you

Rugby Self Store

Community Fundraiser, Lee Bunting, surprised the team at Rugby Self Store today for everything they do for your local air ambulance. By providing us with free storage, taking part in #TeamMission challenges and allowing their customers to donate clothing.

Thank you

Jethro’s Ramblers

Jethro’s Ramblers have been supporting Children’s Air Ambulance for three years and they are always looking for new ways to fundraise. To date, they have raised just under £13,000 and we want to send them a Big Thank You!

Thank you

Josey Moore

For the Big Thank You, Community Fundraiser, Lee Bunting, surprised volunteer Josey Moore. Josey raises awareness, manages community collections and holds events and has helped to raise a fantastic £44,163. Thank You to Josey and her friends.