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Ross’s Story

When serious injury strikes, every second counts. This is Ross’ story.

Ross Cunnningham, Hinckley

Just 20 minutes before the end of a rugby match, Ross Cunningham was struck on the back of the head during a tackle. He had broken his neck.  Lying on the pitch he said: “It felt like someone was standing on my forehead. I couldn’t move my head but could move my other limbs.”

Ross wanted to get back up but luckily the referee, who was a doctor, ensured he lay still. Any movement could have caused permanent damage.

Just 11 minutes later the air ambulance landed on the pitch. The crew assessed Ross’s injuries and fully immobilised him to protect his neck and back before flying him to hospital for treatment

Ross had a long road to recovery but thankfully is now better and has been fundraising for the service that helped to save his life.

“It was the referee’s clear thinking combined with the speed of The Air Ambulance Service that prevented my very serious situation from becoming a life-changing one.”
– Ross

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