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Kieren’s Story

A cycling accident left 14 year old Kieren Brown with multiple life-threatening injuries – but he’s now a fundraising hero.

Kieran Brown, Nottinghamshire

On 13th April 2013, Kieren Brown was cycling with his father and uncle when he was hit by a car while crossing a main road.

When the East Midland Ambulance Service (EMAS) reached Kieren, he was unconscious and bleeding.  It was clear he had multiple life-threatening and time critical injuries. They immediately called the air ambulance for back-up – our crew was at the scene within minutes and the battle to save Kieren’s life began.

While it was decided that the quickest way to get Kieren to the care he needed was by road, critical care paramedic Danny didn’t hesitate to accompany him on the tense 20 minute journey to hospital.

Kieren’s injuries were extensive – major brain injury, facial lacerations, a broken leg, two fractured vertebrae and an impact wound on his right calf causing huge loss of blood.

He spent the next five days in an induced coma and on 18th April, his 15th birthday, Kieren’s biggest present was being woken up.  However, his challenge had just begun – he had been so badly injured he needed to learn to walk, talk and eat again.

Progress was slow and painful but Kieren’s spirit and sheer determination, in time, got him back on his feet and smiling again.

“It’s absolutely amazing to hear how well Kieren is doing now, considering the extent of the life-threatening injuries he sustained in his accident, and all of the strenuous challenges he’s faced since.”
– Danny Evans, critical care paramedic

Since then, Kieren has rediscovered his love of cycling and has even become one of our fundraising heroes. He’s raised just over £5,000 – enough to cover the cost of three lifesaving missions.

With your support, we can help more people like Kieren.