Why we fly

Freddie’s Story

I was worried about how they would get Freddie to Evelina. I thought it would take ages. I was worried he might have a seizure again while he was being transported. Then they told me they were going to take him by helicopter and that the Children’s Air Ambulance would be here in just 40 minutes

Jess, Freddie’s mum

Freddie was a toddler when he suddenly collapsed at a holiday park without any warning. It was his first ever seizure and it left Freddie’s parents frantically fearing the worst for their beautiful toddler.

Thankfully, doctors have established the cause of the seizure and he hasn’t had one since. Freddie is now 4 years old and likes to spend most of his time being Captain America or Iron Man with his Mum Jess playing the part of the baddie!

How we helped Freddie

Freddie was taken to the nearest hospital at Hastings – but it was soon decided that he had to be transported urgently to the specialist care team at Evelina Children’s Hospital in London.

“It’s a really strange feeling when they say he’s going by air ambulance. But it’s also such a relief that your baby is going straight there,” she adds.

Jess was heavily pregnant at the time of Freddie’s trauma – but she was still able to be by his side on the flight to help keep him calm. It took just 18 minutes to fly little Freddie to Evelina where he could get the specialist assessment and care he desperately needed.

Several key tests were carried out and they restricted his fluids. In actual fact, Freddie’s sodium had been low and that had caused the seizure. His body was retaining too much water and not taking on the needed amount of sodium.

Now it’s been verified that Freddie has a gene defect that causes his body to hold back too much fluid and thus create a seizure. Today, he is a happy, healthy little boy who loves football, clocks and books and who hasn’t had a seizure since.

Freddie’s mum, Jess has since become a strong fundraiser for the Children’s Air Ambulance – organising a successful fundraising day at her local pub. “We appreciate the help of the Children’s Air Ambulance so much,” she says.