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When Dave Farmer was driving in a remote location in the Peak District he saw a car speeding towards him on the approach to a bend in the road. He pulled over immediately but this instinctive action wasn’t enough to avoid the near fatal collision that followed when the car went into the air, zig-zagged out of control and bounced towards him.

In a split second Dave’s car was in flames after the oncoming vehicle flipped and landed on top of it.

Dave doesn’t remember anything about the impact and found out later that he was pulled out of his burning car before the flames took hold.

He was unconscious and had multiple injuries, including a fractured skull and collapsed lungs. Dave’s condition was stabilized and he was fitted with chest drains at the scene before being taken by the Derbyshire,Leicestershire & Rutland Air Ambulance to North Staffordshire Hospital in Stoke.

“I am so grateful to be alive. It’s all down to the quick response of the air ambulance which transferred me to the critical care unit where I spent a week. They saved my life,” he says.

Within an hour Dave was getting the lifesaving medical care he needed and by early evening he had regained consciousness to the delight of his concerned family who were waiting at his bedside.

During his time in hospital Dave – who lives in Crewe works as a part-time supply teacher – had plates put in his broken jaw and was treated for broken ribs; skull, eye socket and neck fractures and two bleeds on the brain.

He has been left with some loss of hearing and vision, acquired dyslexia and ongoing problems with his wrist and fingers which has meant he can no longer run his joinery business.

“I can’t really complain and am well on the way to recovery. My overriding emotion after everything that has happened is that I am very grateful to be here. My grandson was only four months old when the accident happened and I can see him grow up thanks to the quick response of the air ambulance and medical treatment I had.”

Dave and his wife Kate have already taken part in a tin collection for their local air ambulance and are planning  fundraising events.

“No words and no amount of fundraising can express my and my family’s gratitude for saving my life. What we have been through has been horrendous. I am lucky to be alive and people should know that it is all down to the air ambulance,” he says.

About 44% of our rescue missions are to road traffic collisions.

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