Spring Appeal

What do you and John have in common?

Together, you are local lifesavers*

You might not think of yourself as a lifesaver, but neither did John* until he really needed to be. Without the quick thinking and first aid skills of people around her, Jane would not be here today. But equally, every day our crew could not do their job without your support – that makes you a lifesaver too.

Help us ensure that when local people are taken critically ill we can be there in a heartbeat. Please give what you can today and you can be a lifesaver again.

On the second day of open water diving training at the UK’s national diving centre in Stoney Cove, Leicestershire, Jane’s heart stopped as she made her assent from a 12 metre dive. Jane was found lying face down and unconscious in the water. Unknown to anyone at the time, Jane had been suffering a virus that had attacked her heart. This cardiac arrest could have happened anywhere, essentially it was a waiting game.

Luckily for Jane when her heart stopped John and all the people around her that day were first aid trained and there was a defibrillator on site.

It’s those crucial minutes before we arrive that are vital to many of our patients. And that’s when her fellow divers and staff at the diving centre took immediate action.

“I always knew that there was an air ambulance covering my county but I was shocked to learn that the air ambulance receives no government funding – something that is such a necessity is funded purely by the public.

My colleagues, family and friends were exceptionally grateful to our local air ambulance and all their hard work in caring for me and not giving up hope in trying to restart my heart. I really appreciate everything the fantastic crew did for me.”

Jane Gaskell

Are you part of an organisation or group? Do you want First Aid training?

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*Models have been used and names changed to preserve the privacy of the first aider involved in this story.

We cover 3,850 sq. miles, and a population of 3,277,274.

3,850 sq. miles
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