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Speedy Derbyshire cyclist raises over 5k

Wildgoose Construction have supported our lifesaving service for a number of years and this year was no different when one of their employees, Josh Mee, undertook the mammoth challenge of cycling from Lands End to John O’Groats raising funds for DLRAA.

Being a keen cyclist with a desire to raise money for our charity, Josh decided that cycling from Lands End to John O’Groats would be the perfect challenge. The arduous challenge is usually completed over 14 days but Josh decided to push the limits and set his target at 8 days!

The team at Wildgoose Construction got to work on securing sponsors for the challenge and through determination, a lot of training and hard work, Josh completed the 937 mile journey in an astonishing 8 days and raised an even more astonishing £5,856.58!

Josh said: “After a couple of days, I started to get some serious pain in my knees. The most difficult part of the ride was overcoming the mental challenge. It was obviously very demanding on the body and mind and I had a build-up of fatigue. However, I was spurred on by the desire to complete it and not let anyone down. I was determined to bring back the money for the air ambulance service.

“On my final day of the challenge, I witnessed an air ambulance assist a cyclist who had been knocked down by a vehicle, and that reminded me of just how important the air ambulance is and helped me get me to the finish line”.

Josh Mee

On his return, Josh had some physiotherapy to help him recover from the exhausting challenge and is already looking at his next challenge.Lee Bunting, DLRAA Community Fundraising Executive, said: “This was an incredible challenge to undertake; especially completing it in just 8 days. It’s always humbling to see the passion supporters have for us and the work that we do, and this was evident in Josh and all at Wildgoose from the moment I first met them.

“To do this to raise money for us was an incredible gesture and I am very grateful to everyone involved. I would also like to extend a special thank you to Jonathon Wildgoose and all of the team for their continued support over the last couple of years. It is always a pleasure to speak and work with them”.

Josh’s journey

You can still sponsor Josh for his incredible achievement here at: