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Spare Change Hoarding – Could Your Loose Coins Help Charity?

We all know the past year has halted the spending of cash, with shops and restaurants being closed for the majority of the year, but a recent report by the BBC has highlighted that as many as six in 10 UK residents have coins at home which adds up to an estimated £50m which could go towards supporting charities.

Whilst many people save higher value change for a rainy day, the smaller coins such as 1p, 2p, 5p and even 10p are often stored in a pot, drawer or car and then rarely taken back out to be spent. Although the reopening of venues post-lockdown has caused a slight increase in spending of cash, this isn’t at the levels it was and is mainly of notes and £1, £2 coins, meaning there is a lot of change rattling around that could be put to great use.

How to Give Loose Change

There are many ways to donate your spare coins to charity;

  • Bag up and give your charity of choice a call to find out the best place to drop off the money
  • Add to a collection tin or bucket
  • Take change with you on your next trip to the shops and donate in stores.

Although the surge of cashless payments continues, charities do benefit from spare change to help their vitals causes and urge people to donate their loose change when they can.

If you think you could support our charity with any spare change, let us know and we’ll advise on the best way to donate.