Snowdon Climb Challenge Event

We’re got an amazing opportunity for people to sign up and go climbing with a group of incredible professionals; Sky Blue Adventures.

Starting in 2012, Paul and his team are expedition experts and willing to take a group of enthusiastic climbers through the trek of Snowdon, all in aid of raising funds for The Air Ambulance Service.

Price: £50

Date: Saturday 1st August

Duration: 1 day

Ascent Route: Pyg Track

Descent Route: Llanberis Path

What You’ll Need: Equipment to aid your climb e.g climbing poles, appropriate footwear, clothing and hydration vessel e.g water flask or hydration bladder.

How to sign up:

All of the information about Sky Blue Adventures and their team of experts, as well as details on how to sign up to support us can be found here; The Air Ambulance Service: Snowdon Climb Challenge 2020.

For further information on any other of our events, please contact our Challenge Events Team.