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Sisters Holding Disco Fundraiser For DLRAA In Memory Of Their Mum

Sisters Karen Beardmore and Lisa Slocomb are organising a fundraising event at Newhall Social Club on June 22 for Derbyshire, Leicestershire & Rutland Air Ambulance in memory of their beloved mum Rosie Fowkes who passed away in December 2016 aged 58. They will be forever thankful to the doctor and paramedics from the local air ambulance and the other emergency services personnel who fought to save their mum’s life. And knowing that their mum was given the best possible chance of survival when she collapsed and subsequently died at her home in Swadlincote, Derbyshire gives them great comfort.

Rosie had suffered ill health since the age of 19; asthma, osteoporosis, arthritis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and latterly kidney disease. In November 2016 she fell and broke her leg which meant she was in hospital for a while. As a community care worker, Karen was well placed to look after her mum when she was discharged and she reduced her working hours to be with her at home.nnBut when Rosie complained of a severe headache, chronic tiredness and collapsed shortly after getting up on December 27, Karen knew something was seriously wrong and dialled 999.

A first responder arrived within eight minutes, shortly followed by an ambulance and then the air ambulance, which landed on open space opposite the house.

Karen says:“By the time the air ambulance crew arrived mum had suffered a cardiac arrest. The doctor took over immediately and gave her adrenaline and performed CPR six times. I knew mum was in good hands and if anybody could bring her back the air ambulance crew would. I went outside but the crew kept me well informed about what they were doing and why. They were wonderful, very polite. We cannot fault the local air ambulance and what they did for our mum.”

Last year Karen and Lisa organised another event which raised £325 for DLRAA. The disco on June 22 starts at 7pm. As well as dancing there will be a buffet, stalls and games. Tickets cost £2 for adults and £1 for children and are available from Karen on 07388788706 or email [email protected]

“The local air ambulance does a fantastic job every day and I don’t think it should rely on donations and fundraisers to keep flying. Raising money for the charity is a way of saying thank you for everything that was done to try and help mum. Doing it helps us,” she says.