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Save the planet while saving lives

Here at The Air Ambulance Service, as part of your own commitment to corporate social responsibility requirements, we offer an environmentally friendly way to reuse your outdated and redundant IT equipment, all while generating money for our lifesaving charity.

We’re able to collect, data-wipe and resell your redundant computers, laptops and IT equipment. We ensure that your equipment has been wiped to MoD standards using Blancco binary data wiping software (with full CESG approval to InfoSec level 5). This makes sure that any sensitive information is permanently disposed of.

We also care about the environment and are able to reuse working equipment, giving you reassurance that you’ve helped the environment by diverting working IT equipment from landfill. For us, it is important that all your sensitive data is wiped, ensuring data protection compliance and reducing the risk of identity theft. We fully asset-track your equipment using our unique scanning system, which will give you a complete and comprehensive report into the equipment’s disposal journey, and we will provide you with a certificate.

James Revell, Chief hardware procurement officer at IT Solution Company, ZestSol, commented, “Here at Zest we are whole heartedly committed to looking after the environment and understand our obligations as a responsible company. This is why we’ve chosen to partner with the Air Ambulance Service. Not only do they conform to the strict standard that we look for, but the project also raises much needed cash for a lifesaving company that receives no government funding.”

Every penny of our operating costs is given by local people and local companies like you. Your old IT equipment could help keep our helicopters flying. Partnerships like yours are important to us and we wouldn’t be able to run this lifesaving service without the support of people like you.

So if you’re upgrading, please think of us. We can rehome most electronic office equipment, please contact our reuse team or read more about our services here.