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Running into 2019 – Part 9

Well it has certainly been a journey over the last few months, there has quite literally been blood, sweat and many tears shed as I have shifted from sofa filled evenings to pounding the pavements.nnI am aware I left you in more suspense since my last run, in fact, I got lost in Wales and have only just made it back…only joking. The run went well, I ran from Criccieth to Pwllheli which was picturesque with a nice sea breeze, can’t say the same for the Northamptonshire scenery which I have been frequenting much more often.nnThe most difficult of my Northamptonshire runs was my penultimate long run from Daventry to Hardingstone in Northampton, which if you weren’t aware, is very far. My aunt kept telling me “It’s not too far now”… every mile, needless to say I did glare quite a lot when I realised she was just trying to keep my spirits up as I sobbed up every hill. I did it though and every flat run since has been a dream.nnSo now we have approached the big weekend, I am extremely nervous and I have feet which shouldn’t see the light of day, but I have reached my fundraising target!nnI could not have reached my target without the incredible support I have had from you all; can’t express how grateful I am that all of you have supported me on this journey. From reading my updates, to helping me fundraise, donating money and raffle prizes, or just spurring me on when I say “I don’t want to run tonight, I just want a beer now.”nnYou have all helped an incredible charity which is The Children’s Air Ambulance, a charity which has put passion and incredible knowledge into two bespoke specialist helicopters with the aim to transfer every critically ill baby and child to specialist treatment centres. All the staff, pilots and clinical partners do an incredible job every single day to save lives, so thank you for supporting.nnTogether we have helped keep families together and hope alive.nnSee you at the finish line.DonateThanks, Cam