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Running into 2019…Part 5

Oh My Quad!nnIt’s amazing how progress fluctuates in the running game, one week you’re roadrunner and the next week you’re a sloth hitting a maximum speed of 0.003 miles per hour. That’s when I need to regroup the mind and remember it’s not a race and it’s all about consistency.nnLast week was another tough one, I didn’t have a cold this time round but I did have a lot of leg pain along with a complete mental block on the long Sunday run! I was doing just fine on my short post-work weeknight runs and then the weekend hit and I seemed to regress, even though I warm up and warm down, the muscles in my legs seized and tightened like you wouldn’t believe. This made every stride hurt and my mind then also worked against me… I may have even stomped around a little in anger.nnSomething which helped me get through the mental block was a running anthem which I kept on repeat so I didn’t get side-tracked with song skipping rather than running…which used to happen a lot. My Running Anthem of the week was: Walk the Moon – Shut up and dancennOn the leg pain front, I had to take it easy and stretch during my runs when I felt the pain come on. Other things I have invested in to ease the pain is a recovery drink from High5 and Epsom Salts for a post-run soak, accompanied by a Spa Playlist on Spotify.nnI am raring to go this weekend where I’ll do a medium run on Saturday and my standard long run on Sunday. Thank you to everyone who has kindly sponsored me, here’s my running total for the Children’s Air Ambulance so far which is thanks to all your support!Please continue to sponsor me on my mission hereDonateThanks, Cam