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Running into 2019…Part 4

I now have all the gear, with a little bit of an idea!nnThings seem to have started running a lot more smoothly over the last week, I managed to break through ‘the wall’ and keep the pace going for a 12 mile stretch… you should’ve seen my feet afterwards! New trainers were definitely on the agenda, so on Saturday I went to Milton Keynes to a store called ‘Up and Running’ to get some. The staff there were great and did a Gait analysis where they identified what kind of runner I was and which trainers would suit best. I definitely opted for comfort, which my many blisters were happy about! I also invested in some ‘marathon fresh’ socks and a headband to keep the ears warm, so the bobble hat has been benched.nnAs I increase the mileage I have really noticed my hunger levels increase as well…I know I’m usually a food fiend but this is the next level, I’ve become ‘rungry’! One dish I have really grown to love after a mid to long run is a salmon and prawn pasta dish with a side of spinach, it’s divine and refuels my body!nnHere’s the recipe if you fancy trying it –nnIngredients:nnRaw Tiger PrawnsnOlive OilnGarlicnChillinMushroomsnWhite winenCream (or yoghurt)nSeasoningnTarragon – driednParsley – freshnPastanSalmon FilletnnMethod:nnMarinate raw king prawns in olive oil with garlic and chilli.nnChop an onion and slice mushrooms (however many you fancy) and fry in a pan for a few minutes until soft. Add the prawns into the pan and cook for a few minutes until they are pink, add a glass of white wine, cook for a further few minutes and then add cream or yoghurt, salt & pepper, dry tarragon and fresh parsley.nnThen serve it with pasta and a salmon fillet baked in the oven.nnDrinks wise, as I still remain alcohol-free until the marathon, a great alternative to quench my lager craving is a Beck’s Blue or if I’m missing a Friday night Prosecco…Fizz Zero isn’t too bad!! Here’s to another weekend of forecast cold weather and many more miles!DonateThanks, Cam