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Running into 2019 – Part 2

I have now swapped the Kilometres for Miles…things have really gotten serious!nnHow are we already in the middle of January?! As the weeks go on, I realise that the big event day is drawing closer and I’m going to have to keep increasing the mileage – my smartwatch probably thinks I’ve attached it to our Springer Spaniel pooch with this sudden change!nnLast week, just like every week, was a shock to the system. I took the plunge and changed from measuring my runs in kilometres to miles… I don’t know about you, but after my first couple of miles, I thought, ‘Is that seriously all I have done?! This would have appeared further in kilometres!’nnDespite this, the first run with my aunt around Daventry felt great! We took a steady pace for 5 miles and I tried out some great products to aid with the hydration and energy. I had an Isotonic Energy Gel a couple of times which upped the energy levels and an Electrolyte tablet which I simply added to my water for hydration purposes. If you fancy trying some out during training, click here and check out highfive’s products. If you sign up, you get 40% off your first order, I am definitely waiting until payday and bulk buying with that discount!nnSomething that really struck me last week was the distance, I popped ‘Daventry to Earls Barton’ into my sat nav and it said 23.9 miles…all I had in my mind was a horrifying vision of me running that long way home and it still not being 26 miles, I definitely prefer driving that mileage I think! So my top tip this week would be, take each run steady and comfortable and don’t psych yourself out on that big end game number!nnDonateThanks, Cam