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Running into 2019 …. I can finally stop

I still can’t believe I can say I completed the London Marathon 2019 … from not being a runner, apart from the odd run up the road to grab a Chinese takeaway, in less than 4 months, I became marathon ready and finished the longest run of my life in 5:11:35.nnThe big weekend started off with me collecting my runner’s number, tracker (which meant I definitely couldn’t jump on a bus halfway through) and buying far too many suggested running attire adamant that it would help me run better…that bandana clearly made all the difference.

After the expensive excursion, I reached Saturday evening, my sister and I did a final carb load at an Italian restaurant which was divine; if you are in London and love Italian cuisine give IL Bianco a try! I am most definitely returning now that I can enjoy a prosecco with my meal and not just a fancy sparkling water.

After waking up early doors Sunday morning, I had my last imperative porridge (I did a little dance of joy at this) and made that trek to the start line. It was a little bit nippy but the nerves and anticipation were keeping me occupied, I drank some electrolytes, a Lucozade, complained about the endless line to the portaloo and finally got to my starting zone.

After a long wait, I crossed the starting mat with a human version of Big Ben and I had to run, there was no going back. It was all going quite well until I was right in front of the 10K check-in point and had to go a tad off-piste due to the after effects of too much water and Lucozade – rookie error. I did, however, return strong after seeing my sister who ran alongside me for a mile (no she wasn’t participating she was running around London trying to see me at as many points as possible, I believe she ran a half marathon in doing this).

After passing a few runners dressed as rhinos and soaking up the incredible atmosphere, I was back into a good pace and I just kept it going, I ran over Tower Bridge to see our supporters who were cheering me on, I gave them a wave, and soon realised I was only half way through! I could see those incredible runners who were a lot faster coming back the other way and I wished I was at their point…with their fitness!

However, the cheers from the public and my sister popping up at every other point like a Meerkat on sentry duty, kept that positivity going, the Lucozade and Vaseline stops also helped! I kept the pace and just thought of the amazing charity I was doing this for. I also noticed how many other incredible people around me were in the same boat, some of which had disabilities, absolutely inspiring people.

I soon went round a corner and saw the Thames on my left and realised I was near the finish, a few more miles and that was it, my legs took over and I just kept it going, I turned a few more corners and saw the end in sight, a young voice from the crowd shouted “come on Cam, you’ve got this” and I sprinted to the final finish mat and cried, I had done it!

Although the event is over, the effects have lingered. I returned to work the following day and could barely move, my feet have still not fully recovered, they have definitely seen better days, and by the bank holiday weekend, I was completely beat and slept for hours. Today is the first day I have felt human once again, a great feeling!

Again, thank you all so much for your support and donations to an amazing charity; there’s still more time to donate to help keep hope alive!