Office Olympics

Capture the competitive spirit of Rio 2016 and help save lives

As the biggest sporting event on the planet comes to Rio de Janeiro this August, why not capture some of that competitive spirit with an air ambulance Office Olympics?

Office Olympics are a great way to promote teamwork and raise funds. All you have to do is host simple and fun games based around your Olympic favourites.

We have produced a special air ambulance guide to hosting your own Office Olympics 2016. It has ideas for lots of different sports that can be replicated in or out of the office and materials for all your fundraising.

Employees can pay to take part and see if they can take home a medal or – for those who prefer a mental challenge to a physical one – they can run fundraising sweepstakes on the rest of the games.

The guide will include the all-important health and safety advice for hosting your own Office Olympics as not all sports will be suitable.

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About 17% of our rescue missions are to sports related accidents.

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