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Nursery group raises £3 million for charity

The incredible staff at the employee-owned nursery group, Childbase, have raised an astounding £3 million within 30 years for a number of charities, including our Children’s Air Ambulance charity!

The Childbase Partnership, which has 43 day nurseries in the south of England, celebrated hitting their ‘£3 million in three decades’ target six months before their deadline, with staff conquering mountains, bungee jumping and participating in the annual ‘sleeping rough’ challenge at their head office car park. Amidst the various challenges undertaken, employees completed some epic fundraisers specifically for our charity which varied from a Channel Swim where four employees swam to the French coast, to trekking the Freedom Trail in the Pyrenees, where a 40-strong expedition crew completed a four-day hike and climb from France to Spain!

Lucy Thompson, head of charity fundraising at Childbase said: “Giving back at Childbase Partnership has always been both a collective and individual exercise because colleagues in nursery are providing support to families during the most difficult periods of their lives and are more aware of the lack of tailored support available through non-charitable organisations.

“Their desire to make a difference is clearly evident in their passionate applications for donations for worthy causes and in the challenges they take on to raise the maximum amount of money. They are, quite simply, amazing.”