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Northamptonshire local encourages more young people to volunteer for lifesaving charity

Northamptonshire local encourages more young people to volunteer for lifesaving charity

Northamptonshire local Afsana Begun is encouraging more young people to volunteer to support The Air Ambulance Service (TAAS).

The Air Ambulance Service operates the local Warwickshire & Northamptonshire Air Ambulance (WNAA), Derbyshire, Leicestershire & Rutland Air Ambulance (DLRAA), and national Children’s Air Ambulance (TCAA).

Afsana is twenty-one years old and volunteers at her local Northampton store, giving back to the community and dedicating her spare time to supporting the lifesaving charity.

“I got into volunteering originally because of a university placement and also because I’ve grown up very close to here and have frequented the shop a lot.

“The best part is getting to meet the other staff and volunteers who’ve been really kind, but also being able to give back to the wider community as well,” said Afsana.

Anyone aged sixteen and above can join the charity’s team of volunteers that donate thousands of hours of their own time to support them. In 2023, the 224,000 volunteered hours contributed towards funding over 4,000 of the charity’s lifesaving missions.

TAAS Volunteering Engagement Executive, Karen Chater, said:

“When you volunteer, you are making a commitment to share that most precious of resources — your time — to make life better for those who are in need. Our volunteer’s great generosity has had a profound and lasting impact on The Air Ambulance Service.

“On behalf of the charity, I wanted to let all our volunteers know just how much their dedication is appreciated. Whether you are a long-time volunteer or if you have got involved recently, and regardless of how many hours you choose to give, it’s important for you to know that what you do makes a difference.

“Words cannot adequately express the gratitude that we wish to convey. Please know that your volunteerism is recognised, appreciated, valued, and cherished. We thank you and look forward to you continuing to volunteer with us.”

With a wide range of volunteering opportunities available there is something for everyone at The Air Ambulance Service – you could volunteer in a store, as an event supporter, or even become a volunteer speaker.

“To anyone thinking of volunteering, I would say if you have any spare hours, any spare time you can give back to the community and be part of a wider organisation that helps to save lives and to become part of a group that is really close knit and friendly as well,” concluded Afsana.

To learn more about volunteering opportunities, or for more information or to support the charity, please visit: or call 0300 3045 999.