New Charity Partnership Provides Free Collections in London

Donating your old items to charity is not the easiest thing when you live in London. Taking black bags of goods onto a packed tube or a bus and squeezing through all the small walkways to get to your chosen charity shop is not anyone’s idea of fun.nnTo make this quick and simply for those who want to do a good deed, The Children’s Air Ambulance has partnered up with Gone For Good – a mobile app that helps you to organise free charity collections from your London home.nnFrom the start of October, our partnership will be launched with Gone for Good, an organisation that has introduced the to help people stock our stores by picking up donations from home and delivering them straight to our shops. Operating seven days a week, Gone for Good will be launching in London around the M25 and give you the opportunity to book in a time to arrange collection of your goods. From those heels you don’t wear anymore to that book you have already read twice, Gone for Good will collect all textile and small products from your home for free and deliver directly to us, in just a few clicks from their app.nnWe at the Children’s Air Ambulance are thrilled to be working with Gone for Good and can already see how much it will help our London shops with stock generation and more importantly to fund our lifesaving missions. We currently work with them in the North with where they support our Home shops and we are delighted that they have now officially launched in London, a city where their help will go a long way, especially for our shops in the area.nnKeep an eye out for more information about the launch and how simple the donation process is to get rid of clutter all in the name of a good cause.