Mission Monday – Catch up with latest mission news

The amazing operations team at the Children’s Air Ambulance work tirelessly to transfer sick children to the specialist care they need. Catch up with their latest mission news.nnLast week the Children’s Air Ambulance helicopters were out on a very important mission. The crew was called out to pick up a little patient down in the south-west of the UK.nnThe Children’s Air Ambulance transports patients. Fast. In fact the journey they undertook meant that the patient arrived at the care they needed in just over an hour.nnThe journey by road could have taken up to three and a half hours.nnnnThe Children’s Air Ambulance receives no government funding so we really do need people like you to continue to support us and the life saving work we do. Please donate today to help keep us flying and ensure we can put children’s lives above all.nnOur service can transfer children to the care they need four times faster than if they were to go by road. Speed is so important for our patients. Jack, one of our patients needed to get to the specialist care he needed in Southampton from the Isle of Wight. Our crew flew him in just 8 minutes.nnJack’s heart stopped when he reached the hospital but luckily he was rushed right into surgery. Without the Children’s Air Ambulance, little Jack might not have made it.nnJack is now a happy and healthy little boy and his amazing story is featured in our brand new TV campaign. Watch the TV advert here. You can also watch Jack as he came to set to watch the advert depicting his real life story being made below.nnhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cUIJOwvONhsnnRead more about the little patients we have helped here and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.nn nn