Mission Monday – Another mission undertaken!

The amazing operations team at the Children’s Air Ambulance work tirelessly to transfer sick children to the specialist care they need. Catch up with their latest mission news.nnOn Tuesday, the Children’s Air Ambulance undertook a mission to fly a critically sick child to the care they so desperately needed. The journey by road was over 300 miles and would have taken 5 hours to complete.nnWe flew them in just an hour. nnWe fly the child to the hospital that has the specialist facilities that will save their life. And because every second counts, our helicopter not only takes children to safety around four times faster, it also provides intensive care in the air.nnYour donation, however small, could help save a child’s life. We are the UK’s first and only dedicated air ambulance transfer service however we receive no government funding and rely totally on donations from the public. We need to keep our two new helicopters flying so we can reach even more children and their families.nnWith your support, we can continue to transport sick patients to the help they need. Patients like little Bella.nnhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p1fFjB8_px8nnWorking with Embrace Yorkshire & Humber Infant & Children’s Transport Service, we transported Bella from Cambridge to Leeds in just 57 minutes when she desperately needed life-saving care. This was a journey that was to take her parents nearly four hours by road.nnWe are dedicated to children. Please help us continue to put their lives above all.nn