Local Appeal

We are lifted into the air by kind people like you

Please give today to help save a life in your community.

You may have heard of the local air ambulance service, or seen us in the sky. You may even know someone we’ve helped. But there’s something you might not realise – we wouldn’t be able to run this lifesaving service without the support of people like you.

It may surprise you to know that the government does not fund our charity. And though we work very closely with the NHS, we are not part of it.

Every single penny of our operating costs is given by local people like you. We couldn’t get an inch off the ground if it wasn’t for you. We are literally lifted in the air by the kindness of local people.

– Our average response time is 13 minutes – we fly the fastest civilian helicopter in the world.

– We fly six missions a day – we’ve saved thousands of lives in your local community.

As a doctor, I’ve personally seen what a difference a gift can make –  I’d like to assure you that 100% of every penny you give goes to provide this service across Derbyshire, Leicestershire, Warwickshire, Northamptonshire and Rutland. Our pilots, critical care paramedics and doctors like me are all trained to the very highest level. But the truth is – we can’t save lives without the backing of people like you. So please give what you can today.
Mark Folman, Doctor

We hope you’ll never need us, but if you do we’ll be there.

We cover 3,850 sq. miles, and a population of 3,277,274.

3,850 sq. miles
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