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Announcing our New Reuse Initiatives For Recycling Week 2019

Announcing our New Reuse Initiatives For Recycling Week 2019

As a charity we’re always aiming to make a difference in every way possible. When it comes to being greener, we want to give our supporters the options to donate without worrying about the impact this could have on the environment.

What Have We Changed? 

Bioplas™  Leaflets

Following the feedback we’ve received from supporters, we’re using an alternative solution that prevents plastic bags being distributed and ending up in landfill; Bioplas™ leaflets.

Bioplas™ is a 100% recyclable and fully sustainable product made from sugar cane. Known as ‘nature’s plastic’ it is durable and printable without being toxic to our waterways or wildlife, and we are using it as an alternative to our donation bags in the form of leaflets.

“Because we distribute 140,000 we have looked at ways to become far more environmental friendly by reducing our plastic bag waste, whilst still provide the collect service which is vital to raise funds for our emergency, lifesaving charity. By using the Bioplas leaflet as an alternative to polythene and launching our new fully recyclable bags we aim to reduce plastic bag waste by 94% over the next year.” Clare Harby – Head of Reuse

These leaflets will be trialled in Leicestershire with a view to being distributed to our other regions as a greener and environmentally friendly option to donate unwanted clothes, shoes and bric-a-brac that goes to stocking our stores.

How Does It Work?

When you’ve received your leaflet through the door, stick it on to an existing bag or box and place on the kerbside as normal, ready for your collection day. We’ll then collect and take back to our warehouse where your pre-loved goods will go on to bigger and better things.

But what happens to the bag my donations are left in? Well, we have a new solution for this as well!

Close-Loop Recycling Process

Earlier this month we had the delivery of a long awaited machine (MX600 baler) that has allowed us to offer a close-loop recycling option.

When we receive donations, bags will be entered into a process that compresses and allows for these to be baled and turned into ‘new’ bags and boxes ready to go back out for re-distribution.

The aim for the changes will eventually lead to us massively reduce plastic bag waste, which will be a huge achievement for us as a charity.

Read more on our reuse services, or to get in touch with the team.