We need your help to keep saving lives

During this year’s Air Ambulance Week Appeal, staff, supporters and volunteers will be taking to the streets to “Paint the Town Yellow” to raise vital funds to keep our lifesaving helicopters flying.

Critical care paramedic Keith sitting in the helicopter smiling

“My name is Keith and I am a critical care paramedic working for your local air ambulance. I see first-hand the impact that your money makes in my daily work. Donations from supporters like you, help fund vital medical equipment that I use to help the patients we lift.”

Jack in hospital after being rescued y critical care paramedics like keith

If you were to donate a special gift right now, you would be helping to pay for equipment that we use in our kit bag, such as pain relief medication or equipment like stretchers and specialist splints.

Teamwork is essential in our line of work. By supporting your local air ambulance, you are a vital member of our team. We don’t receive any government funding so are lifted into the air by the generosity of local people like you.

Our air ambulances fly thousands of rescue missions every year across Warwickshire, Northamptonshire, Derbyshire, Leicestershire and Rutland and behind each statistic there is a person with their own story to tell.

Jack recovered and back to playing football for his local team after being saved by critical care paramedics like Keith

We rescued Jack last October, a 12 year old boy, who loves to cycle and suffered a terrifying accident, when he was riding his bike on his way to school and got hit by a bus. He was dragged under the bus and frighteningly trapped for over an hour before being released.

We were there to deliver the critical care that Jack needed and flew him to the Queens Medical Centre in Nottingham for further treatment.

Support like yours means we can be there for more patients like Jack, so please dig deep and donate to this year’s Air Ambulance Week Appeal, to help keep our helicopters flying.

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