TAAS Reuse Team

The reuse industry is a crucial part of sustainability, logistics, waste and much more, and it is not immune to the challenges faced by women in the workforce.

The evolution of the warehouse and reuse industry in the UK has seen shifts in gender dynamics. Traditionally male-dominated due to the physical demands of the roles within the sector, there has been a gradual increase in female representation.

Our industry is slowly moving on from being heavily male dominated. Not only are we now seeing more women in leadership roles, but there are also early signs of an increase in women in operational and manual roles which were traditionally perceived as ‘male jobs’.

This move towards a more feminised industry is occurring as the image of the reuse sector is changing. We are now seeing associations such as Women of Waste and Women in Waste Management, as well as a Women in Waste seminar with a panel of women speakers at the Resources & Waste Management Expo – an expo which used to be heavily male-dominated.

The Reuse team – from asset recovery and IT Data Wiping, through to warehouse team leaders and workers, van drivers, distributors, and even forklift drivers – is one with multiple women leading these areas.

The Air Ambulance Service has enabled us as women to feel valued, respected, and empowered. We know we can aspire to be in any job role we desire regardless of our gender. Our experience and passion have been whole heartedly welcomed within the Reuse Department and across the wider charity.

Initiatives like International Women’s Day is essential in promoting women in reuse roles, and support networks for female workers play a crucial role in overcoming challenges – creating a supportive community fosters a sense of belonging and empowerment.

We hope that we as a team as well as profiles of other successful women in the reuse industry will inspire others to overcome challenges and achieve milestones. When we highlight our success stories, we showcase the potential for growth and success to pave the way for more women within the industry.

We would encourage anyone thinking that the reuse industry is still male dominated to think again, all areas of industry are of equal opportunity and women play a major part in being decision makers, leaders, and CEOs.