Peta Wilkinson

TAAS Chief Executive Officer

I began my career in Bio-chemical research, attained a psychology degree, and worked within the Health Service for many years. I moved on to focus on General Management and have managed a variety of areas throughout my career – with a real passion in community services such as advocating for nurse education through pathways to access community-based education.

I have led a diverse selection of health and social care institutions, including Willen Hospice, Enham Trust, Uttlesford PCT and The Terrence Higgins Trust and I championed change and development across all these organisations.

I wanted to continue to do more, as making a difference is what drives me, and so I began my role with The Air Ambulance Service last year as their CEO, part of the leadership team.

Everyone has the right to be respected and included – women in leadership roles are equally valuable and can bring different perspectives to the table, and I welcome equality and inclusion throughout the organisation.

For me, it’s really important that we support everyone in ways that give them a sense of advocacy and agency, that way people can be their best selves and comfortable in their own skillset and what they can offer – we need to celebrate difference, as difference enriches organisations.

I find that all my experiences have amplified previous learnings, and I do believe where you end up is where you can make the most difference, so I encourage others to continue working hard on their career paths.

The Air Ambulance Service is celebrating International Women’s Day. The campaign theme ‘Inspire Inclusion’ emphasises the importance of diversity and empowerment in all aspects of society.

Women, amongst everyone across the organisation including our wonderful volunteers, play a vital role across the charity, and below, some of the women within our charity have shared what International Women’s Day and inclusion means to them.