ICE cards

You wouldn’t think twice about wearing a seatbelt or a cycling helmet, so why ride without an ICE card?

ICE stands for ‘In Case of Emergency’, and is a standard acronym that tells emergency services who to contact in the event of an accident.

When emergencies strike, you might be far from home, friends and family. Carry an ICE card and keep an emergency contact programmed under ICE in your phone so your loved ones can be informed quickly in an emergency.

Carrying emergency contact details with you means that your loved ones get informed quickly if there is an accident, and they can help provide your medical background when needed. This can be vital if you have any medical history that might inform your treatment.

Fill out the form below and an ICE card will be posted out to you to keep you safe this season.

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About 17% of our rescue missions are to sports related accidents.

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