Your Big Birthday Give

This year make your birthday magical

Whether you like to celebrate your birthday in style, or prefer to let it pass by without too much fuss, have you ever considered the difference it could make? Instead of another round of socks and chocs, what if this year your birthday gifts helped save someone’s life? Now that would be something to feel great about.

So this year, save your friends and family from wondering what on earth to give you and simply ask for a donation to Your Big Birthday Give. Together, you’ll be a lifesaving team.

Whenever your birthday falls, you can set up Your Big Birthday Give right now in three easy steps…

How it works

Step 1: Set up Your Big Birthday Give

Use the form below to let us know when your birthday is – even if it’s months away. Then we’ll be in touch if you’d like help encouraging people to support Your Big Birthday Give.

Step 2: Spread the word

Let everyone you know why your birthday is different this year. Set up Your Big Birthday Give JustGiving page, then share it with everyone you know, and watch your donations roll in.

Step 3: Help save a life

All the money you collect in Your Big Birthday Give will be put to work keeping our lifesaving helicopters flying. And of course, we’ll send you a birthday card from the crew to say thanks.


Step 1

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The Air Ambulance Service does not receive any government funding. Our lifesaving missions are fuelled by your donations.

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