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How To Save Money when Back to School Shopping

How To Save Money when Back to School Shopping

It’s almost time for children to return to school, in the current climate it’s uncertain to know when this will be but one thing is sure to happen; the annual school shop.

Whether it’s their first ever day, a new venture to a bigger school or their last year before they leave for good, ensuring you have all the right uniform and supplies will set them up for a year full of success. Of course, it can be expensive kitting out your little ones with the right school wear so were here to help you with our top tips for savvy school shopping.


Often in your area, donations of local school jumpers, trousers and even smart shoes are available at a fraction of the price of paying for brand new items. With the rapid rate at which children grow, as well as the forgetfulness of leaving items in playgrounds and classrooms, it can save you a small fortune if needing to replace anything before term ends.

As well as clothes, often school bags, stationery sets and PE equipment can often be found in the high street or on charity eBay sites.


If you have friends or family that have quality uniforms they no longer need, have a look at whether you can purchase it off them or do a swap. Families that have multiple children may find there’s items they can have off one another, without the need to spend a fortune.

It could simply be a tie, backpack or even school coat for when winter sets in. Remember, if you don’t ask you don’t get and it also helps to keep items from landfill if you reuse.


Over the years supermarkets have been a great place to buy all the essentials for back to school. From socks to vests, trainers to lunchboxes, they have it all under one roof. Ways to save even more money is using points if you shop at the supermarkets that have rewards cards. This will help to keep costs down and if you’re going shopping for weekly groceries anyway, you can even spread the cost over the course of a few weeks.


Uniform lists can get as long as your arm if you purchase everything that is suggested on the school advisory list. Link in with groups on social media or speak to parents of pupils already there to find out the items that they are going to regularly need vs the items that may come in handy once in a while. From this you can then determine what will be needed for the first term and it gives you time to save post-Christmas for the next.

These are just some handy hints as to how to save some money when back to school shopping starts. To browse our own pre-loved items, visit our eBay store.