How do NEST work with The Children’s Air Ambulance?

The Children’s Air Ambulance is proud to have the NEST team as one of our clinical partners.nnThe Newborn Emergency Stabilisation & Transport Team (NEST), based at St Michael’s Hospital in Bristol, is a team dedicated to transferring the most vulnerable, sick babies and children to specialist treatment centres, giving them the best chance of survival.nnWatch Patrick Turton, lead nurse for the NEST team talk about how they work together with us to deliver the life saving care we offer to extremely ill babies and children across the UK.nn Clayton, director of operations for the Children’s Air Ambulance, said: “This partnership represents a tremendous opportunity to provide help to some of the most critically ill children and babies in Wales and the south west.nn“Sick children and babies are at their most vulnerable when they are out of the hospital environment. By performing helicopter transfers we not only reduce that risk, but help save clinicians valuable time, helping them reach other children faster.”nnPatrick Turton says : “We are really pleased to have developed a partnership with the Children’s Air Ambulance moving babies in need of emergency specialist care into the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at St Michael’s Hospital. We also move some babies back the long distances to their home hospitals which is important for keeping families and their support networks together.nn“The NEST team transfers more than 700 babies every year, and using the Children’s Air Ambulance for some of these transfers can really shorten the journey time for the babies, and help the team to be ready to respond quickly to another referral.”nn